What is the Universal Minecraft Tool?

Many apps, one program

The Universal Minecraft Tool (UMT) is a suite of Minecraft apps combined into a single program. It provides a multitude of options beyond what is normally available to regular Minecraft players.

Current apps:

  • NBT Editor
  • Converter
  • 4 more in development!

Each app serves a different purpose, but they all share the same underlying code which results in quicker updates, maximum reliability, and better value for you. When a bug gets fixed in one app, it will be fixed everywhere else too.

Different than a mod

Unlike traditional Minecraft mods, the UMT doesn't change Minecraft's code at all. Instead, it performs operations on the world files that Minecraft uses when you save your game.

Think of it as an accessory to your regular Minecraft experience. Whether you're building a map, trying to fix an issue with a world, or converting a world from one edition to another, the UMT is here to help!

Eventually, the UMT will expand it's feature-set beyond world file operations.


The UMT was designed from the start to be extendable. Anyone can develop extensions that add more functionality to the core program.

Extensions can be coded with Lua, a fast and easy to learn scripting language. It's the same scripting language used in popular games like WoW and Roblox. Full documentation and guides will be added on the website in the coming weeks.


The Universal in the name refers to the sheer number of Minecraft versions it supports. No other single application can boast support of almost every edition of Minecraft. Java, Bedrock, and even older Legacy Console editions are all supported.

Easy to use

Without question, the UMT is the most intuitive program of it's kind. It was designed to be accessible to beginners while still allowing for more advanced operations.

There is real value in a clear, easy to use interface. If things ever get overwhelming, the UMT didn't do it's job. We're confident you'll be impressed with just how easy it is to get started!