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Convert your worlds between editions/versions.

Converter Options


The Universal Minecraft Tool's Converter is the first ever to support conversion options like mixed output chunk versioning and depth fixing which are crucial to getting correct terrain regeneration after the 1.18 world height update.

Advanced Options:

  • Skip Partially-Generated Chunks: Removes unwanted void chunks that exist due to unfinished terrain generation during exploration.
  • Allow Older Chunk Versions: A crucial feature that fixes terrain generation issues when converting old-height worlds to new-height output versions.
  • Depth Fixer: Control how blocks under Y 0 should be dealt with when converting new-height worlds to old-height output versions.
  • New World Center: Reposition the world to a new location. This is very useful when converting to editions with a fixed world size.
Converter Output Versions


The highly-requested feature, output version targetting, is finally here! Specify which version the output world should be and the Converter will make all the necessary decisions to best optimize the world for that target version.

The Universal Minecraft Tool spares no expense when it comes to output world accuracy. During conversion, an internal layer uses a pseudo 'universal format' for entity, tile entity, and item conversion. A sophisticated database was manually populated to deal with the unique undocumented edge cases brought about by snapshot and beta updates to ensure unrivaled accuracy.

Spot the Difference!

Drag the slider to compare a conversion with this feature on vs off.

Spot the Difference!

Drag the slider to compare a conversion with this feature on vs off.


In 2020, the Universal Minecraft Converter was the first software to solve a conversion issue introduced in the Java Aquatic update, persistent block property storage. Block properties needed to be recalculated during conversion which was no easy task because each block's properties were dependent on the blocks around it, even across chunks.

Recently, the problem has returned and now affects Bedrock edition. Thankfully, the Universal Minecraft Tool's Converter has completely revamped block property recalculation to be faster, more accurate, and supports both Java and Bedrock editions!

Affected Blocks:

  • Fences, fence gates, iron bars, glass panes, and walls.
  • Redstone wire, locked repeaters, and pistons.
  • Double tall plants, chorus, stems, bamboo, and kelp.
  • Stairs, double chests, doors, and scaffolding.
  • and many more.
Spot the Difference!

Drag the slider to compare a conversion with this feature on vs off.

Spot the Difference!

Drag the slider to compare a conversion with this feature on vs off.


The Converter will efficiently recalculate lighting and heightmap information if the output world version requires it. This is very important because an input world may not have any lighting or heightmap information stored whatsoever. Missing lighting will cause very bad performance and a completely dark world while missing heightmap information can break beacons, lighting, map items, and more.

All Lighting Scenarios Are Handled:

  • Sky light calculation via multi-threaded flood-fill algorithms
  • Block light calculation (ex. glowstone, torches, etc.)
  • Leaves, water, and ice sky light diffusion
  • Directional opacity (ex. stairs, slabs, pistons, etc.)
  • Both transparent or opaque light-emitting blocks
  • Light travel beyond world bounds
1 core
4 cores
12 cores
24 cores

Slow-motion simulation of what conversion looks like under the hood with each color representing a different task and each square representing a chunk.


The Universal Minecraft Tool takes full advantage of your CPU's multiple cores by intelligently assigning certain tasks to run in parallel. This enables incredibly fast conversions for high core count CPUs.

This is more than just running the same step across multiple cores, however. The Converter will run completely different steps at just the right times to speed up block property and lighting recalculations (which were formerly single-threaded operations).


There are so many more amazing features still in development that will expand the capabilities of the Converter. Keep an eye out for these additions, you won't be disappointed!

Announced Planned Additions:

Conversion script extensions

Database extensions

Map item conversion

Host player conversion